April 22, 2019

What is a Florida Land Trust?

The Florida Land Trust is a simple and inexpensive solution for holding legal title to real estate or personal property.  The Florida Land Trust is a fully revocable grantor trust drafted specifically to buy, hold, finance and sell Florida real estate or other personal property in a confidential or private manner pursuant to the Florida Land Trust Act that was adopted by the Florida legislature in 2006.

The State of Illinois was the first jurisdiction within the United States to formally recognize and codify the Land Trust, so you will often hear the Land Trust referred to as the Illinois Land Trust.  You may also hear it referred to as the Title Holding Trust, especially in California. 

There are many benefits of buying and holding property in a Florida Land Trust.  The most common use is to keep your ownership interest of Florida real estate or other personal property confidential and private because the Florida Land Trust keeps your name off the public record.  Holding property in a Florida Land Trust also limits most of the liability associated with real property ownership while retaining most of your rights of ownership including, legally claiming the Homestead exemption if the property is your primary residence.

Russell M. Robbins, P.A. , as Trustee of the Florida Land Trust, acquires and holds legal and equitable title to the real property or personal property pursuant to the terms of an unrecorded Florida Land Trust Agreement.