April 22, 2019

Who Owns the Real Estate or Personal Property?

Russell M. Robbins, P.A. serves as Trustee of the Florida Land Trust and owns the real or personal property in its name in its fiduciary capacity as Trustee of the Land Trust.  Public records, including the County Recorders’, County Assessors’ and County Tax Collectors’ public files and records, would reflect the legal title and ownership of the real estate or personal property as follows:

Russell M. Robbins, P.A., as Trustee for, Trust No. XX XXXX. 

The Beneficiary (legal owner) of the Florida Land Trust will not show up on any public record or database, and the Beneficiary’s information will not be disclosed to anyone unless approved to do so by the Beneficiary, the actual Florida Land Trust Agreement, or required to do so under local laws or by any order by the court.